International newborn resuscitation guidelines recommend electrocardiogram (ECG) heart rate (HR) monitoring at birth. The below study evaluated the application time of pre-set ECG electrodes fixed to a polyethene patch allowing adhesive-free attachment to the wet skin of the newborn chest. Using a three-electrode pre-set ECG patch configuration, application success was calculated using video analysis and measured at three time points, the time to

  1. Apply the electrodes
  2. Detect recognizable QRS complexes after application
  3. Display a heart rate after electrode application.

A prospective observational study in two UK tertiary maternity units was undertaken with 71 newborns including 23 who required resuscitation.

The study concluded that pre-set ECG chest electrodes allow rapid heart rate information at birth without electrode detachment or compromising skin integrity.


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Feasibility of a Novel ECG Electrode Placement Method in Newborn Infants – PMC (

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