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Defibrillator &
ECG Electrodes

Intelesens are a specialist developer and manufacturer of defibrillator and
ECG electrodes. We’re proudly known for our design,
validation and manufacturing excellence 

Key Features of Intelesens Defibrillation Electrodes

Longest Shelf-Life in the market

5.5 year shelf-life is over double many on market for both adult and pediatric electrodes.

Leadwire cut to your needs

Leadwire 1 meter minimum and beyond. The insulation resistance of the cable (1012 Ω cm) is 20,000 times more than the requirement of >500MΩ. Wire to electrode pull force >60N (>30N required by: BS EN 60601-2-4: 2011+A1:2019 section test 1).

Customizable shape and active area

Defib 100cm2 active area on each pad. The shape and active areas are customizable to fit customers required packaging criteria.

Optimized form

Overlapping gel layer helps eliminate hotspots. Hydrogel 100% body contact which provides best skin coupling, low impedance. The elimination of adhesive foam reduces skin trauma.


Skin contacting materials are biocompatible to ISO 10993 Skin Irritation, Sensitization and
Cytotoxicity standards.

Assembly economies

With a low variety of materials required material sourcing issues are reduced, and together with electrode size reduction we offer our customers keen, competitive pricing.

Fully compliant to material regulations

All materials used are compliant to RoHS, REACH and WEEE regulations. All materials are latex free.

Radio translucent adult and paediatric options

Allows for radiological exams without removal and replacement of electrode.
The electrodes will operate at 100J and 360J to enable use for both the adult and pediatric population.

Hospital, EMS, Fire, Public and Aviation use

Used in multiple locations, complying with various standards and environment specific situations.

All packaging and labeling requirements to suit your needs

Peel tabs as standard, clearly printed instructions for correct placement, pictures printed onto electrodes and packaging for easy identification, peel pouch bags if required.

Manufactured to highest regulatory standards

Products manufactured to comply with European directives and International
standards (BS EN 60601-2-4, ANSI/AAMI, BS EN ISO 15223-1) with 100% inspection.

Technical file generation and design change control

Broad range of services
offered—from design through
to final manufacture.

Defibrillation Performance

The Intelesens Defibrillation 100cm2 Electrode Assembly:
• Operates as specified at 0°C and 50°C after a shelf life of 66mths
• Performs up to 50 defib shocks at 360J
• Provides 60 minute pacing capability
• Enables fast return from shock delivery to ECG monitoring
• Demonstrates low impedance for better energy delivery to the patient

Download a PDF of the key features of Intelesens Defibrillation Electrodes

BS EN60601-2-4:2011+A1:2019
Standard Reference Test Limit Intelesens Test Data–360J DC offset voltage <100mV <9.2mV AC small signal impedance (10Hz) <3 KΩ <8Ω AC small signal impedance (30KHz) <10 Ω <5Ω AC large signal impedance <5Ω <4.2Ω High Voltage Defib recovery <500mV @ 4secs <400mV @ 60secs After pacing <1000mV @ 4secs <750mV @ 60secs <18.1mV @ 4secs <9.5mV @ 60secs After pacing <634.1mV @ 4secs <594.6mV @ 60secs
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