The aim of this study is to analyze the way and correctness of use of automated external defibrillators placed in public spaces in Polish cities. The data analyzed 120 cases of use of automated external defibrillators, placed in public spaces. The predominant location of AED use is in public transportation facilities, and the injured party is the traveler. AED use in non-hospital settings is more common in male victims aged 50–60 years. Findings: The documentation that forms the basis of the emergency medical services intervention needs to be refined. There is no mention of resuscitation performed by a witness of an event or of the use of an AED. In addition, Poland lacks the legal basis for maintaining a register of automated external defibrillators. There is a need to develop appropriate documents to determine the process of reporting by the owners of the use of AEDs in out-of-hospital conditions (OHCA).

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