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The Complete
Electrode & Partner

We are a specialist manufacturer of defibrillator and ECG electrodes known for our design, validation and manufacturing excellence. 

We understand every client’s product
requirements are unique.

That’s why we have created a flexible partnership approach to developing, validating and manufacturing defibrillation and ECG electrodes, tailored to meet your exacting requirements. Whether you are a start-up at the initial concept stage or a well-established multinational, we have the experience, knowledge and in-house facilities to deliver a cost-effective solution that’s right for your business.

Our team has extensive experience supported by accredited in-house facilities to provide an end-to-end solution for your customised electrode production.


Design and

Material Supply

and Usability



Bespoke Defibrillator Electrodes

With the founder of Intelesens creating the world’s first portable defibrillator, our electrodes are well established within the emergency response environment. Our superior quality AED electrodes are designed and manufactured in the UK, with our experienced sales and logistics departments working with clients to ensure effective distribution of products worldwide.

We understand in emergency situations, the operator’s time-critical performance will depend on the reliability and usability of their equipment. For this reason, Intelesens’ custom defibrillator electrodes exclusively use high quality components combined with smart handling design to ensure the highest operator confidence and performance. 

Example of Bespoke Defibrillator Electrodes

Full Electrode Range

Electrodes suitable for adults, children and aviation use.

Excellent Trace Clarity

Designed for optimised and reliable signal detection

Time and Cost Efficient

With a long shelf life, replacement costs can be reduced.

Smart Design

Fast and easy handling with an out-of-pouch connection.

Bespoke ECG Electrodes

We specialise in customised electrode design with bespoke features – our in house experienced Product Design Team can create electrodes for innovative vital signs monitors including electrodes that are for 3-lead ECG use, capture respiration waveform as well as activity monitoring.

Excellent Trace Clarity

Designed to maximise signal detection and reduce motion artefact.

Secure Adhesion and Patient Comfort

Minimal skin irritation to the patient when wearing and removing the electrodes.

Smart Design

Special attention to ensure fast and easy handling.

Enhanced Patient Data

Inbuilt functionality including: respiration, tri-axes accelerometer and waveform.

See how Intelesens developed customised electrodes for the world’s first wireless 3-lead ECG and Event monitor.

Quality Production & Guaranteed Supply

With an in-house R&D and manufacturing facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland working closely with the International Sales and Distribution offices, our fulfilment is assured and responsive to customers requirements.

Intelesens operate a Quality Management System which has successfully been certified to ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices.

The Company is registered with MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) the UK Competent Authority for placing medical devices on the market within the EU member states as required by the Medical Devices Regulations 2002: Regulation 19. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) the Company has experience in manufacturing medical devices that meet both CE and US FDA requirements.

Our Clients & Partners

About Us

Innovators with a vision to improve healthcare delivery

Professor John Anderson recognised the need for delivering defibrillator treatment to patients not only within a hospital environment but also the wider community. This concept led him to develop the world’s first portable defibrillator, designed for use outside of the hospital and is now the equipment we routinely see in public places, used to save thousands of lives worldwide.

As an astute businessman, Professor Anderson, created a number of companies, all providing leading-edge medical products in the areas of defibrillators, body surface mapping, implantable atrial fibrillation and remote vital signs monitoring.

In 2001, Professor Anderson partnered with Professor Jim McLaughlin and Professor Eric McAdams, both accomplished medical engineers, who jointly founded Sensor Technologies and Devices in 2001, later to become Intelesens Ltd.

With its continued links into a number of world-leading research institutes, Intelesens has an established Intellectual Property (IP) and product pipeline of new medtech innovations.

In August 2017, Renew Health Ltd acquired the Intelesens business, and its portfolio of intelligent, wearable, non-invasive, vital signs monitoring devices for the hospital and home patient monitoring markets as well as its electrode design and manufacturing expertise.



Due to significant demand over the last two years, the  Intelesens production capacity has undergone an expansion programme, increasing manufacturing output by 30% in 2019, ensuring consistent supply of electrodes to its established and new partners.

In 2020, the LifeSignals Group acquired from Renew Health the Zensor™ device and Zensor™+ cardiac analytics software business, allowing Intelesens to wholly concentrate on expanding the manufacture and global sales of their superior quality electrodes.

Intelesens production line

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