Core Skills

In designing, manufacturing and gaining approval for wireless vital signs monitors and electrodes/sensors, Intelesens uses a number of core skills. These include:

  • Compact, lightweight, wireless telemetry.
  • Cellular phone-based communications for immediate data transfer to the clinician. 
  • Low power consumption electronics enabling body-worn devices to operate for up to a week. 
  • Cardiology including expert algorithms to automatically identify significant cardiac events. 
  • Body sensors and low level signal processing to pick up various vital signs with minimum noise. 
  • Science of the skin including long term non-irritant materials. 
  • AAMI standard and certification. 
  • Screen printing solid gel electrode manufacture in any shape.
  • Clinical trials of medical devices in controlled conditions with suitable numbers of relevant patients.
  • Defibrillation electrodes including low noise, high stability and quick recovery times.
  • Medical systems approval - FDA and CE.