Company Quality Policy

Intelesens Limited designs, develops and manufactures medical products under the control of an approved Quality Management System which conforms to the relevant International Quality Standards and ensures that customer needs and requirements are satisfied. 

It is the direct purpose of Intelesens Limited to ensure that all resources are available to achieve the quality and efficiency required to produce their products and services in order to remain competitive. 

Intelesens Limited endeavours to promote continuous improvement throughout the company and its services by ensuring its quality management system is reviewed annually along with continual monitoring of its processes. 

The company is committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the quality management system and to maintaining its effectiveness.

The company sets objectives for both the business and its employees annually through which all efforts will be applied in order to achieve them. 

All products designed or produced by Intelesens Limited conform to the regulatory standards required for the specific type of product. 

The company is committed to consistently producing safe and effective medical devices that meet the needs and expectations of users.